Is Bond Cleaning Required By Law?

Renting a property is becoming common to people nowadays knowing that not everyone can afford to buy or build a house. This can be the reason why you can already find lots of properties for rent and some are even accessible thus making them attractive to tenants. On the other hand, living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you only have to pay the landlord monthly. It is also important that you do your part in maintaining the cleanliness of the property.

What You Should Know about Bond Clean

If it is your first time to rent a property, then there are things that you have to put into consideration. When signing the contract, the tenant and the landlord will have an agreement that the tenant should keep the property clean and with no damages. This is when a bond enters the scene. This is an amount of money that the tenant can refund when moving out of the property. However, there is a possibility for you to lose the bond if ever that you leave the property unclean or if ever that you have caused damages. So to avoid such issues, it can be a good idea for you to pay for a professional bond cleaning service.

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