Checklist for an End-of-Lease Cleaning

Home renters have a huge job ahead of them when their lease is ending. There are so many things to do, that sometimes it can seem a lot more overwhelming than it has to. Here are some tips for your end of lease cleaning to help make the process of moving out, a little bit easier.

Empty the house first

Moving all your belongings out of the home before starting the cleaning process will help tremendously in the long run. A lot of messes may occur during the process of moving your things out of the home. Aside from accidents, cleaning around the furniture can be such a hassle, it’s a lot easier to clean the floor under a couch, when the couch is out of the picture.

Start high and work your way down.

Start cleaning the top of cabinets, counters, ceiling fans, and the refrigerator and then move to the floors. While you are in the process of cleaning the higher up areas, dust and things may fall to the floor. To save yourself some time and possibly another vacuuming, start with those higher areas, and clean the low areas last.

Clean as you go.

Going one room at a time can drastically cut back on the overwhelmed feeling. As you move your furniture out, start with the rooms that you won’t be using very much, and save your most used rooms for last. For instance, if you are in the final days of your lease, and you are really only sleeping at the house, start with emptying and cleaning the living room, closets, and extra bathrooms. Then, when everything else is finished, start on your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Moving out can be refreshing but it can also be very stressful. Having good help is always a must, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Come up with a strategic plan of attack, and enjoy your new beginnings.