How Often Does A House Need To Be Dusted?

Recent studies have shown that the average household spends almost two hours each day for just doing household maintenance, with much of that time dedicated to cleaning their house alone. However, while doing the laundry or washing the dishes may be part of every person’s daily cleaning routine, there is one task that tends to be more of an afterthought when it comes to getting your household clean and tidy – dusting.

If you are allowing it to become a seldom activity, however, you might want to reconsider it. According to one study published just recently, the composition of most of the household dust is significantly grosser than you might have imagined – combining the dead skin, fungi, and bacteria ranging from the benign ones to the potentially harmful ones. So the main question in here is, how often should you dust in your house?

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Is Bond Cleaning Required By Law?

Renting a property is becoming common to people nowadays knowing that not everyone can afford to buy or build a house. This can be the reason why you can already find lots of properties for rent and some are even accessible thus making them attractive to tenants. On the other hand, living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you only have to pay the landlord monthly. It is also important that you do your part in maintaining the cleanliness of the property.

What You Should Know about Bond Clean

If it is your first time to rent a property, then there are things that you have to put into consideration. When signing the contract, the tenant and the landlord will have an agreement that the tenant should keep the property clean and with no damages. This is when a bond enters the scene. This is an amount of money that the tenant can refund when moving out of the property. However, there is a possibility for you to lose the bond if ever that you leave the property unclean or if ever that you have caused damages. So to avoid such issues, it can be a good idea for you to pay for a professional bond cleaning service.

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Checklist for an End-of-Lease Cleaning

Home renters have a huge job ahead of them when their lease is ending. There are so many things to do, that sometimes it can seem a lot more overwhelming than it has to. Here are some tips for your end of lease cleaning to help make the process of moving out, a little bit easier.

Empty the house first

Moving all your belongings out of the home before starting the cleaning process will help tremendously in the long run. A lot of messes may occur during the process of moving your things out of the home. Aside from accidents, cleaning around the furniture can be such a hassle, it’s a lot easier to clean the floor under a couch, when the couch is out of the picture.

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Is Spring Cleaning Really Necessary, Or Just A Tradition?

The House Needs Some Spring Cleaning

Winter is a special season in which we enjoy the cold season and we tend to stay inside our homes and nourish the heat that we have inside our homes. It is a good time to relax and have ourselves some time with our family and do bonding activities or casual talks with them. It is a season in which we are bound to witness some happy moments and memories with our loved ones.

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Is Hiring A Maid Service To Clean Your House Worth It?

Let’s say that you have a full-time job, or maybe while going out frequently on a daily basis to fulfill some certain commitments. Such schedule of yours usually lead to many busy days and a very little time to keep your own home as clean as you would have liked it to be. What would you do? Especially if you have enough budget, once you see that your time was too taxed to do everything at home and outside, you have decided to make things easier by hiring a house cleaning service to do the house cleaning job.

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Will Housekeeping Services Clean An Oven?

Housekeeping services have been always a common thing nowadays, especially to those who couldn’t find time for them to clean their own houses and furniture. Among the wide range of services they usually provide, one of them is cleaning our appliances – from refrigerators to televisions to washing machines. Sounds unusual, but honestly, not everyone could find time and effort to do them. That’s why we have to thank our housekeeping services for doing so.

Speaking of appliances, one of the hardest to clean is none other than the oven. You know the reason why. Those stains and leftovers that are left stuck and hardened on various surfaces is really have to take off. Given how much work cleaning the oven could take, do housekeeping services include such task to their wide range of services? Good news, it’s a yes!

How Housekeeping Services Clean Your Oven

Most housekeeping services are offering professional oven cleaning services that would surely keep your area clean. When you get their services and become a regular customer, they would do a very thorough cleaning of your oven – and that will include the front, top, and hood. However, if you would like a more thorough oven cleaning, they would offer such services as well. Usually, when they perform a top-to-bottom oven cleaning, the cleaners will inspect the appliance, then use their environmentally responsible products, then clean the racks and liners, and remove carbon deposits and baked-on grime. If it is applicable, some housekeeping services will also clean the oven window.

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What To Expect From A House Cleaning Service

House cleaning is quite a lucrative job especially in the city. Most people are often busy with their work load and they can’t even afford even a single day for it. Washing the dishes and cooking food are the two things you can at least do for yourself. The rest needs scheduling, time management and even go for house cleaning service in order to make it happen.

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